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Active Paws Dog Walkers  is owned and operated by Steve and Trish. We have over 40 years of experience in the handling of most breeds of dogs. Steve has spent many years working with the RSPCA in the United Kingdom and has continued his voluntary work here in Perth.

“On many occasions I had been asked as to why I didn’t start my own pet business given that I have been blessed with an ability to understand dogs, so after many years of deliberation I decided to start Active Paws Dog Walkers with my lovely partner who also shares my passion”.

A Personal Story

“As a young boy around the age of ten I can remember visiting a travelling funfair early one morning and being fascinated by all of the caravans arranged in a circle on the field.  Being young and inquisitive I crawled underneath one to the centre of the circle and was set upon immediately by two large German Shepherd’s, one of these dogs made a large puncture wound in my upper arm so I went back home to have it attended to.

My mother greeted me upon arrival and asked me what had happened, I refused to mention that I had been bitten by a dog and gave her another excuse. At the young age of ten I soon realised that it was not the dogs fault but my own. From that incident I became fascinated and wanted to know all about dogs.                                                                                                                                                 

Following this I started to walk dogs on a regular basis for friends of my parents and began to understand their behaviours and habits, even when on family holidays to caravan sites I would locate any dogs that were resident with their owners so that I could make friends and offer to walk them. My love has never diminished for these lovely creatures and I am so happy to provide this service for you.                                                 



Harry & Pebbles


Bob & Aussie

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